Course Overview
After completion of this course delegates will be able to:
  • Specify the general requirements for Frame, Tube / Clamp, and Systems Scaffolding.
  • Determine the specific safety rules and steps associated with the erection of Tube & Clamp Scaffolding.
  • Determine the specific safety rules and steps involved in the safe erection of System Scaffolding
  • Identify the major items to consider when performing a scaffold inspection
  • Specify the major elements of OSHA’s Regulation 29 CFR Subpart L-Scaffolding
Course Objective
The course objectiove is to cover the following topics:
  • Recognizes hazards associated with each type of scaffold
  • Proper procedures to minimize and control those hazards
  • The nature and importance of any electrical hazards, fall hazards and falling objects hazards
  • The correct procedures in dealing with nearby electrical equipment and or power lines, proper protection systems erection for co-worker safety
  • Proper handling of materials on scaffolds and proper scaffold use
  • Maximum loading of scaffolds and scaffold capacities
  • Supervising the erection, repairing, and inspection of scaffold systems
  • Identification of various scaffold check points & safety considerations
  • Correct procedures for moving,disassembling, repairing and erecting scaffolds
  • Chaining worksite conditions as they pertain to scaffolds
  • Quality and professionalism in scaffold construction, repairing and inspections
Course Duration
02 Days (Theory & Practical)

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