Course Overview

Our EC Program covers (Basic First Aid &CPR ) which is an internationally certified program from HABC (Highfield Awarding Body). Emergency Care program is a HABC Licensed Program . The course methodology is not about teaching theoretical details but we mainly focus on hands on practice on handling various first aid cases, CPR techniques and effective utilization of AED at work places.
Course Contents
  • Define First Aid
  • Role of the First Aider
  • Approaching the patient
  • Key Aims of First Aid
  • Key skills required for First Aid (ABC Life Cycle)
  • Conditions that often require First Aid
  • Common First Aid Cases
  • Additional Considerations
  • Class Evaluation
Performance Objectives
This course will measure mastery on each of the following performance objectives:
  • Provide first aid to shock victims
  • Use first aid methods associated with CPR
  • Provide proper first aid to a heart attack victim
  • Provide proper first aid to a bleeding victim
  • Properly react to a poisoning
  • Follow proper actions to help a near-drowning person
Course Duration
01-Day Theory & Practical

Developed by Usman Ghani