Performance management is the process through which organisations create a shared understanding among their staff about what the company is trying to achieve. Employees are a business’ greatest asset and, as such, it is crucial that they have a thorough understanding of how their individual goals align to the company’s overall strategic objectives. At the same time, supervisors and managers need to direct their team’s development in a way that allows them to develop the right skills and expertise to pursue those objectives. Training courses in performance management are geared towards streamlining the performance management process by helping participants improve their communication, goal-setting, motivation and appraisal skills in order to achieve the best possible results for their business. Performance management is a multi-faceted process that revolves around people and how their contributions in the workplace are planned, monitored and appraised in the context of wider strategic goals. Usually undertaken by direct supervisors and managers, it is geared towards guaranteeing continuous improvement of an employee’s skills and behaviours with a view to enhancing team performance and, as a consequence, the overall success of an organisation. Professional development courses for those with performance management responsibilities therefore focus on the range of aspects necessary to ensure that staff are able to achieve this improvement, including:
  • objective-setting
  • SMART goals
  • feedback
  • performance indicators
  • performance reviews
  • performance appraisal
  • managing poor performance
If your goal is to build high performance teams, consider pursuing team building and motivational training courses. Essential for anyone in a management position, performance management training covering these topics is offered via standalone courses, but is also often incorporated into broader management & leadership programmes including ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) and CMI (Chartered Management Institute) qualifications.

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