An internationally recognized qualification for those responsible for health and safety in the workplace.
The International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health is a qualification recognized all over the world and universally accepted as a badge of professionalism and commitment to health and safety.   The two-week course raises professional competence and confidence, and helps delegates develop their knowledge of occupational safety and health and apply it in an international context.   The following topics are covered:  
    ⁃      Organizing for health and safety
    ⁃      Developing a positive health and safety culture
    ⁃      Preventing accidents
    ⁃      Occupational health provision
    ⁃      International occupational health and safety framework
    ⁃      Health and safety management
    ⁃      Risk assessment
    ⁃      Persons at particular risk
    ⁃      Safe systems of work
    ⁃      Safe workplace
    ⁃      Personal protective equipment
    ⁃      Fire
    ⁃      Emergency planning
    ⁃      Electrical safety
    ⁃      Work equipment
    ⁃      Occupational transport and driving
    ⁃      Construction and demolition
    ⁃      Working at height
    ⁃      Manual handling
    ⁃      Mechanical handling and lifting operations
    ⁃      Display screen equipment and workstations
    ⁃      Chemical and biological hazards
    ⁃      Reporting and investigating incidents
    ⁃      Protecting the environment.
  Learning with the British Safety Council will enable delegates to benefit from our extensive experience in health, safety and environmental management, acquired over the last 60 years. During this time, we’ve educated people from all over the world and have developed expert tuition methods, using the most modern teaching techniques.   Course modules   Unit 1 Principles of health and safety management   Unit 2 Controlling hazards in the workplace   Assessment   The course is assessed by two 90-minute written examinations comprising of a selection of short-answer questions. Assessments will be presented in English and candidates must respond in English.   Assessments must be booked separately for an additional fee. These examinations can be booked all year round at selected British Council offices worldwide.

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