Who should go on Managing safely?

Managing safely is for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organization. It’s designed to get managers up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to handle health and safety in their teams.          

What you would study in this course?

  • Introducing Managing Safely
  • Accessing Risks
  • Controlling Risks
  • Understanding your Responsibilities
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Investigating Incidents and Accidents
  • Measuring Performance
  • Protecting our Environment

Course Schedule:

Course Session Dates Last Date of Registration Location
IOSH 1st-4th Oct 2016 29th Sept 2016 Islamabad
IOSH 15th-18th Oct 2016 13th Oct 2016 Islamabad
IOSH 7th-10th Oct 2016 5th Oct 2016 Lahore
IOSH 27th-30th Oct 2016 25th Oct 2016 Lahore
IOSH 1st-4th Oct 2016 29th Sep 2016 Dubai
IOSH 23rd-26th Oct 2016 21st Oct 2016 Dubai
IOSH 6-8th Nov 2016 27th Oct 2016
IOSH 27-29th Nov 2016 17th Nov 2016
IOSH 8-10th Dec 2016 28th Nov 2016
IOSH 29-31 Dec 2016 19th Dec 2016

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